Mazas Podzinas(1.5-2.5 years old)

Goal: Successful adaptation, the most important thing when starting kindergarten.

Daily agenda:

8.30-8.50 breakfast

9.00-9.45 morning circle.We sing, dance, finger games.Practical lesson.

10.00-11.00 play outside

11.30-11.50 lunch

12.20-15.00 nap time

15.30 -16.00 snack.If the weather is good, let's go outside,If the weather is bad - we stay inside.

Main games and games in the group to promote the musculature of small fingers.

We place the main emphasis on potty training, dressing, proper spoon grip when eating and proper, independent eating.

Very good kindergarten, super staff - nice, supportive, understanding. The events are always thoughtful and nice, so that they are interesting for children. Many different activities take place during the day, and parents are also informed about the progress of the children's day - what they did and what they learned.

- Nora's mom

I brought my daughter in June 2021 in the youngest group in the "Kripatiņas" kindergarten. In the group, we received a large dose of love from the educator Sigita, who helped my daughter during the adaptation and also recommended valuable advice regarding pampers and a pacifier.

- Emils and Iva’s mother

Here's what our child's parents say

We were sure that we would stay in September and in 2022 we reached the next group. Kindergarten became a favorite place for my daughter, she happily tells what she has done during the day. As a mother, I am happy to see that my daughter is starting to speak Latvian. You can see that the teacher pays a lot of attention to the children! About eating - what the child will eat, mothers already know at the beginning of the week. The kindergarten uses an interesting system - throughout the day I see pictures and videos that the children have made.

Both children go to Kripatinas and we are very happy with our choice. Excellent educators and nannies work in the garden, you can feel that the management is also strongly interested in the development of the garden and creates the most favorable environment for children. There is a new playground in the garden, rooms and furniture are regularly renovated. Children are provided with everything they need for the learning process, no additional payments are required. The garden has a family and cozy atmosphere. Children go to the garden every morning with joy! I wholeheartedly recommend Kriptinas.

- Nikola's mom to all parents

Podzina (2.5-4years old)

The younger children learn from the older ones, and the older children learn to help the younger ones if necessary.

Bitites (3-6years old)

Bilingual course: English + Latvian

Kripatinas (4-6years old)

To learn, to move, to do well.