Bitites (3-6years old)

We are an English-language group called 'Bees'. The group is attended by children between the ages of 3 and 6 - we are a mixed age group where we learn to help each other and special emphasis is placed on developing self-care skills. In everyday life we communicate in English, during the learning process - in Latvian. Every day we go for a walk in the playground, as well as in the nearby forest.

Daily agenda:

7:00-8:30 The teacher welcomes the children in the group room.Teacher-led and children's free play.

8:30-9:00 Hand washing. For breakfast.

9:00-9:30 Morning circle (joint song, starting the day, games according to the theme).Joint thinking, reflection, planning.

9:40-10:10 Working in training centers individually, in pairs, in groups.

10:10-11:10 Walks, learning tasks and movement games in the playground.

11:20-12:00 Hand washing.For lunch.Preparing for the holiday, a joint fairy tale/story.

12:15-15:00 Nap time

15:00-16:00 Hand washing.Afternoon snack.

16:00-18:30 Teacher-led and children's free play.Role playing and dramatization games.Individual work with children.

Dear management and teachers of PPII m'Kripitiņa!

We are glad that Yelizaveta visits your garden.

At first, she really liked the atmosphere in the garden, she treats her teachers like relatives (really sweet), likes holidays, likes cooking in the garden.The other important thing is that she learns a lot in such a pleasant atmosphere.She has a good level of Latvian, she speaks, reads, and I see success in English as well.

Many thanks to your entire team and dear teachers!

- Karina, Maxim Ludinovski

A very nice and pleasant kindergarten, where I could leave my child without worry. My son also wanted to go to kindergarten himself.

We were very lucky with the teacher Elina, very sweet and sincere, the children had something new every day.

Interesting and educational lessons. The teacher Veronika is also very nice and sweet, she always made sure that her son was fed and that everything was fine.

As well as the management of the kindergarten, very nice and warm people. Great care was taken to ensure that the children were well. The teacher from the small group was also very nice, often treated the child with treats.

I definitely recommend this kindergarten, where children will be safe, have fun and learn a lot of useful things.

- Daniels' Parents

Here's what our child's parents say

This is not an ordinary kindergarden, for it is much better!

Our daughter goes to this kindergarden from 1,5 years old and from the very beginning we appreciated the attitude.

Kids here are loved and adored. And for every child there will be different approach.

There are always many kind of activities, art, writing, reading, games.

From a general point of view the kindergarten has it's own place to play outside. During winter it is always warm inside and during summer the air-conditioning is on.

I can say with all my heart that PII "m'Kripatiņas" is a very creative and responsive staff. For every parent, the education of their little one is the most important thing. And in "Kripatinės" my child has received a versatile first life education. Children celebrate traditional annual holidays together - learn poems to recite at the Santa Claus tree, paint and make eggs on Easter. Also, proper basics in English are not missing. The little one watches silent movies in English at home and understands almost everything. Also, the teachers pay attention to the personality skills of each little one, for example, how to draw up a daily schedule or organize their time, monitor that order and politeness prevail in the group. I can especially add that teacher Elina has immeasurable patience, sincerity and love for her work, for which I, as a mother of a child, can be inexpressibly grateful.

- Nikola's mom to all parents

Podzina (2.5-4years old)

The younger children learn from the older ones, and the older children learn to help the younger ones if necessary.

Mazas Podzinas(1.5-2.5 years old)

Successful adaptation, the most important thing when starting kindergarten.

Kripatinas (4-6years old)

To learn, to move, to do well.