Kripatinas (4-6years old)

Goal: To learn, to move, to do well

Our group "Kripatiņas" is attended by future first graders and children from 4 years old, so it is a mixed age group (4-7 years old).

The children are of different nationalities, but this is not an obstacle to play and joint work. For older children, the tasks and goals of the lessons are more complicated, because they diligently prepare for school, learn to find independent solutions, justify their vision, plan and complete tasks.

The bigger ones help the smaller ones everyday. The younger ones learn with the older ones to the best of their ability. Participates in celebrations and activities, learns independence and gains confidence in his abilities. Tasks and goals are applied according to children's age and individual abilities.

We go for a walk every day. We observe natural developments, regularly emphasizing a respectful and responsible attitude towards the environment in which we live, a gentle attitude towards work. We have cultivated a flowerbed in the playground on our own.

Daily agenda:

7:00-8.30 arrival, games, individual conversations and activities.

8:30 breakfast

9:00 morning circle and planning, explaining, joint planning for the day, week.

9:30- lessons. Working individually or in subgroups, depending on the topic and the set goal.

10:20 free time for play and activities as desired.

10:45 a walk in the fresh air, movement games and sports activities on the playground.

11:45 returning to the group, arranging clothes, washing hands, preparing for lunch - setting the tables, etc.

12:10 lunch.

12:45 brushing teeth and gradually going to rest

13:10-15:00 nap time.

15:00 getting up, getting dressed, combing hair.

15:30 washing hands and getting ready for lunch.

16:00-18:00 Teacher-led free play activities, individual work.English, or dancing according to the schedule.In good weather - a second walk in the square.

Kindergarten is the everyday life of the child and parents - a happy, employed, educated child is every parent's joy for the right decision made when choosing an educational institution.

Educators and nannies who are in the right place make every child's day interesting and active - football, cooking, building a beehive and much more, which we as parents follow in the Ellis application.

When I asked my son what he likes the most in kindergarten, of course, the answer was pajama and kino days, it's a great idea and a day in kindergarten that the child looks forward to.

- Oliver's mom

My daughter has been attending kindergarten m'Kripatiņas from the age of 1.5 years and she’s already 5.5 years old now. I can only say the best reviews - the groups are small, in total - there are not many of them. The staff is nice and accommodating. Instructors organize non-standard activities for children - squeezing fresh juices, baking cakes & waffles & toast, planting greens, cultivating a small garden, etc. Excursions are organized from time to time (e.g. a visit to the Lāču bakery or the botanical garden of the University of Warsaw).

Daily lessons are based on mutual respect, understanding and setting and observing group rules. Classical traditions are followed and our own are introduced (e.g. ringing in the Ligo holiday with songs and dances or greeting each little jubilee with a prepared greeting book from the group members). The building is modern, comfortably and visually attractively furnished, a new playground equipped for activities, with a shelter from the sun (canopies). Children's lunches are delivered fresh from an outsourcing company - offering several choices, adapting to the child's individual eating habits. In kindergarten, it is possible to additionally learn dancing, English, WuShu (Chinese Kung-fu). A great environment for children to spend their daily lives!

- Emilia's mom

Here's what our child's parents say

Podzina (2.5-4years old)

The younger children learn from the older ones, and the older children learn to help the younger ones if necessary.

Bitites (3-6years old)

Bilingual course: English + Latvian

Mazas Podzinas(1.5-2.5 years old)

Successful adaptation, the most important thing when starting kindergarten.