Подзина (2,5-4 года)

Our group includes children aged 2.5-4 years. The younger children learn from the older ones, and the older children learn to help the younger ones if necessary. There are children of several nationalities in the group, but this is by no means an obstacle to joint games and conversations. If there are disagreements in the group, we always try to resolve everything, teaching the children that the main thing is to talk and express the pain. The children know that they can always seek support from the adults in the group if they have encountered difficulties that they cannot yet cope with, but together we solve everything.

Daily agenda:

8.30. breakfast

9.10. lesson

10.00. play time

10.30. We prepare for a walk and go outside.

11.30. We finish the walk, we go to lunch.

12.40. lunch

12.10. Dental and personal hygiene, we learn to change into pajamas.

12.30. listening to fairytale and going to sleep

15.00. Waking up, learning to dress, doing hairstyles.

15.30. Afternoon snack.

16.00. Free play, parents are welcome.

Here's what our child's parents say

Unequivocally, Kripatiņas is a special garden - the best experience comparing 4 gardens where children have gone. The most important thing for children is to have a loving and caring hand to hold on to, a safe lap to sit on, when things get rough. Every child is pampered in Krapitinis, and at the same time the children are also taught order and discipline. Educators and nannies do their work amazingly professionally. Also looking at the rational side - the arrangement of the groups, the children's playground, the available materials for creative games and the learning process are very versatile and good. The girl started visiting the kindergarten at the age of 1.8 - only 2 days were enough for adoption, already in the second year she goes to the kindergarten in the morning with great joy, which is the strongest indicator that real people work and manage the kindergarten and do it with great responsibility and love!

- Zane Greenfeld-Pierde's mom

I brought my daughter in June 2021 in the youngest group in the "Kripatiņas" kindergarten. In the group, we received a large dose of love from the educator Sigita, who helped her daughter during the adaptation and also recommended valuable advice regarding pampers and a pacifier.

We were sure that we would stay in September and in 2022 we reached the next group. Kindergarten became a favorite place for my daughter, she happily tells what she has done during the day. As a mother, I am happy to see that my daughter is starting to speak Latvian. You can see that the teacher pays a lot of attention to the children! About eating - what the child will eat, mothers already know at the beginning of the week. The kindergarten uses an interesting system - throughout the day I see pictures and videos that the children have made.

Both children attend Kripatiņas (Mazas Podziņas and Podziņas group). All teachers and nannies are very sweet, responsive and you can see that they really love children. Sons are happy to visit the garden. For both, the adaptation period was quick and easy.

Every day there is a report of the time spent, which also shows pictures.

Different types of activities are organized regularly, which children like very much. Various additional activities, clubs, etc. are also available

satisfied! I recommend this kindergarten to everyone and I'm very glad we ended up in this one!

- Izabella Bachek,Chloe's mom

Мазас Подзинас(1,5-2,5 года)

Успешная адаптация, самое главное при поступлении в детский сад.

Бититес (3-6 лет)

двуязычный курс: английский + латышский

Крипатинас (4-6 лет)

Учиться, двигаться, делать хорошо.